Why Home Care?

Why Home Care?

Blue Arch Homecare offers a very unique method to our customer who receives care within their own home. However, what are the advantages of having care provided within your own home?

We’ll list 10 points about why you should consider home care rather than a care home.

Living with your loved ones.
Living at home with people you love can make things a little more comfortable. Having friends and family around you can brighten your day. Any problems that occur you can let your family know and can rectify the problem.

One on one focus.
Having carers coming to your home and providing the care that is needed can mean that the carer can fully focus on you. They can give you more time, more attention and provide a high standard of care rather than rushing around in a care home.

An affordable alternative to care homes.
Living in a care home can be very expensive and that’s where home care comes in. Home care can offer the same service but at a cheap rate.

Home care can provide more than personal care service.
Home care can also provide other care that is needed such as shopping, cleaning, feeding and also be-friending. Home care service can also be more flexible to your needs.

Medication management
Home care can also offer better medication management. The carers can assist you with medication, mark when the medication was taken and what medication was taken at what time. Blue Arch Homecare also offers a unique service to this where all medication management is done over an app. If the medication isn’t ticked off, we’ll get an alert in real time meaning we can keep all medication management up to date.