Live-in care

As well as promoting independent living, we also offer live-in care. The reason behind this is to that the customer doesn’t need to move into a care home and can still live an independent life.

When you need continuous care, you may not want the added stress of having to leave familiar surroundings. Blue Arch Homecare gives you the option of high-quality care 24/7 in the comfort of your home.

Choosing Blue Arch Homecare for your live-in care service, this means:

Blue Arch Homecare breaks down the live-in service we offer which can be tailored for you:

  1. A walk-in or sleep-in service – this is for a 9 hour period starting between 9pm and 10pm and finishing between 6am and 7am.
  2. A walk-in night service – where the carer will be awake during the night to ensure you are provided with the care and assistance needed.
  3. Sleep-in service – where we will place a carer to sleep in your home and be in your home 24/7. This gives a peace of mind that any time you or a loved one need help and support, someone is always there, day or night.

Get in Touch

If you need more information about the services we offer, questions about how we will provide the service or about anything else, please contact us via the online form below, or call us on (0116) 225 2351.