Dementia Care

As you are already aware, dementia can be a challenging condition to live and if you or a loved one who you live with has got dementia, we are here for you. Every day is a different day, as well as the care and support that is provided, can vary dramatically from day-to-day. On top of that, caring for someone with dementia requires specialist communication, behavioral skills and routine to ensure identity is maintained and dignity preserved.

At Blue Arch Homecare, we believe that everybody has the right to live the fullest life, and we work hard to enable our customers with dementia to continue living their chosen lifestyle safely and for as long as possible. We encourage customers to carry out their daily tasks to the best of their abilities and support them in doing so. This helps maintain a sense of independence, control, and can make a big difference in their quality of life.

Our dementia care is tailored and bespoke which meets the individual needs. We help our customers with:

All care staff that works with someone who’s got dementia, they are fully trained and got the reverent experience and qualification in order to provide the care that is needed.

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