Help to live at home

Blue Arch Homecare provides the care needed to enable our customers to continue living in their comfort at their own home. The services listed below are by no means limited and each case is considered on its merits. The service is offered to anyone requiring care, companionship, or assistance with his or her daily lives in any capacity.

Personal Care:

Household Tasks:

Social Care Tasks:

Blue Arch Homecare can help promote independence and a high standard of living both for those who live alone as well as living with family and friends.

We aim to offer a service, which is sensitive to our customers, so special care is taken to ensure that religious and cultural requirements are honoured as well as personal routines are kept and full understanding is offered.

We will ensure that all care plans are made around each individual customers to make sure all needs for the service users are met.

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If you need more information about the services we offer, questions about how we will provide the service or about anything else, please contact us via the online form below, or call us on (0116) 225 2351.